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“More and more cyber attacks now begin with targeted social engineering”

Digital Cyber and Threat Audit

Whether it's cyber security or physical security, our software spots potential online threats. What information out there presents a fraud or blackmail threat to the client? And all importantly, can the information be used by cyber hackers who undergo social engineering before launching an attack on a company? Cyber Security is not all about technology like having the most secure firewalls in place. It is also about understanding the human aspects of how cyber attacks are facilitated. Often the smallest, most irrelevant piece of information can be used improperly to devastating effect.

Our unique trawling capability and understanding of the internet allows us to harvest and analyse the deep and indexed web and spot publicly available information which may be used for criminal purposes.

Then, acting alongside legal, PR and cyber technical experts we formulate a strategy to reduce this information and make sure an individual or organisation can secure itself from a targeted attack.