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“Many successful hacks begin with a carefully-crafted, bespoke phishing email”


Many successful hacks begin with a carefully-crafted, bespoke phishing email designed to install malware on an unsuspecting employee's device. Hackers use social engineering - piecing together titbits of information about your executives via their social media and other online sources - to create a natural-looking and enticing email which might look to extort further information or to incentivise the clicking of a link by its victim.

Hacking has moved up the corporate risk register and technical countermeasures are ubiquitous. But preparing for this human vulnerability is essential, lest technical mitigation is rendered redundant.

RiskMail provides routine testing of key executives and employees in your organisation in order to benchmark and/or assess at a point in time your organisation's vulnerability to an employee targeted hack.

Following a Digital Audit, RiskMail automates the sending of would-be phishing emails to selected employees, tracking anonymously those who click on links, which in turn can point users towards training materials which explain the importance of this area.

RiskMail can be deployed on a rolling basis, allowing the board to demonstrate mitigation of this area of cyber risk against an initial benchmark score.

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