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“Cyber is not only a challenge for the IT department, but for the business as a whole”

Strategic Consultancy to the Board

Regulatory pressure means that consumer data theft through cyber is well-reported. The threat facing organisations in other sectors, be it from (often state-sponsored) corporate espionage or hacktivism, is less widely reported and boards remain in the dark, deferring to the IT department for assurances of (technical) mitigation and strength.

The cyber threat is as much a human threat as it is technical and most bespoke attacks start with social engineering, often mining data readily available online which can be used to compromise your personnel, family members or systems. Penetration testing your office network does not consider the threat exposed by your personal devices and home networks; nor does it contemplate from the board's perspective what the biggest risks are.

Our consultancy service can be used by CEO or chairman to educate, to inform and to pinpoint and quantify the risk to your organisation.