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“Amongst all the noise, pinpoint the one comment online which really matters”

Threat Monitoring

There may be hundreds or even millions of comments out there about you or your business. Our proprietary Threat Monitoring solution will identify the ones which are destined for broad audience through social media or search engines. By monitoring their respective trajectory pre- and post-activity on our part, we can optimise the impact of a SERP Management initiative.

Our technology trawls the web en masse, ingesting any and all content identified which contains client names. Every page contained in our database is then monitored and the system maps every link, Like or Tweet into it as well as changes made to the web page itself. By tracking, in real-time, changes to the infrastructure behind a particular page and the resultant changes in its ranking for your name in key search engines, we are able to predict trajectory and mitigate the impact of potentially damaging new content.

Our system doesn't output monthly bar charts or tell you how many people loved your brand this month. Its entire raison d'etre is to pre-empt crisis; so whether it's the Tweet being retweeted exponentially or the defamatory blog post rising up the rankings for your name in a foreign territory where you have stakeholders, our system will alert us promptly such that you or your advisers can expedite a response.

Often identifying new content before it is even indexed by search engines, our system will analyse the threat that such content may pose by monitoring its movement in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).