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“Rapidly identify and suppress online threats”

Digitalis RedBox Technology

Digitalis's proprietary technology trawls the web en masse on a rolling basis, not only acquiring any and all publicly available online commentary about our clients but also detecting the minutiae of any changes in their respective search engine rankings by language, territory and search engine. Because the dominant factor in determining the prominence (and resultant audience) of online content is the activity referencing it from elsewhere on the web, our system detects every new hyperlink into, Like or Tweet of all web pages in our database. This allows us to understand why a particular piece boasts the traction it does, to rebalance the effect of damaging content and to predict the ascent of new content based on the activity detected around it.

Our unique technology allows us to monitor, manage and mitigate online reputation for high-profile individuals and businesses in a language-, territory- and search engine-agnostic fashion.