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“Understand just how much is out there about you and what you can do about it”

Digital Reputation Audit

Every company and individual leaves a digital footprint, a mass of publicly available information on the web, whether posted deliberately or leaked unintentionally.

Some of it is contained on web pages indexed by search engines, but most of it is not and this sits in an area of the internet known as the 'deep web'.

Our unique knowledge of how the internet works allows us to crawl the deep web and analyse publicly available information from internet sources, social media networks, millions of blogs, forums, and chat rooms in multiple languages. We can identify unseen links between individuals, find identifiers and throw up information most people thought had disappeared from the web years ago.

Once gathered and analysed we then advise clients on how vulnerable and private their reputations are online.

Our Digital Reputation Audit is often complimented by offline audits which include information behind paywalls, in databases or public record registries.

Clients tend to commission us to examine their online privacy vulnerabilities and we often work with their legal and communications advisers to offer mitigation advice.