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“As the internet has grown, so have the potential threats to individuals and brands”

Online Privacy and Social Media Training

Digitalis works with High Net Worth individuals, family offices and advisers on bespoke training programmes around online security and privacy. The focus might be on safe use of social media or on preparing 'the next generation' for succession, who will in time be under the spotlight. Understanding how to stop information being used inappropriately by hostile actors has become of paramount importance in each case.

We rarely advise families to stop using social media altogether but offer tips on how to tighten privacy settings and on how criminals and other hostile actors might use information to cause harm or reputational damage.

Crucially we approach the training sessions in a sensitive way as many of the courses involve teenagers or adults in their early twenties. Our message is clear: enjoy social media but use it safely and responsibly, and be aware of the risks.

As the modern day world encourages people to project their lives online, we focus on the main outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

The training works best following a Digital Reputation Audit and we would strongly advise doing this beforehand.

Courses range from a few hours to a whole day depending on the requirement.