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“Understand your vulnerability to current or future bad news or criticism”

Search Engine Results – Vulnerability Audit

Whether reacting to an issue or thinking ahead with a view to mitigating the risk of future negative content, our technology can be used to identify vulnerabilities to new news. By mapping each and every link into every one of potentially thousands of listings for your name or brand (often in multiple languages, multiple territories and including common misspellings of the relevant phrases) our system builds an understanding of the strengths of everything ranking in the search engines. The outputs of such an audit can be used to inform a SERP Management strategy with a view to promoting or displacing a specific item or more strategically to reduce vulnerability to future (anticipated or unknown) bad news or criticism.

All related content online and indexed in search engines will be identified during the audit. This will include automated assessment of the respective strengths of each of the positive and negative articles and comments which rank most prominently by territory. This allows a comparative strength assessment across some 150 factors and a resultant measure of vulnerability.