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“A Vulnerability Audit, Scenario Planning and Penetration Prevention can mitigate the threat of a looming crisis”

Proactive Crisis Strategy

We frequently work with clients before a crisis occurs to strengthen their online profiles and prepare for a barrage of what is often unwelcome publicity.

This involves enhancing the technical strength of controlled web properties and establishing a strong barrier of content online.

Typically such an exercise might include:

  1. I. An audit of existing vulnerability in the search engine results and elsewhere online
  2. II. Promotion work to optimise official content and creation of high-authority, standalone, client-related websites
  3. III. Preparation of an online crisis communications pack
  4. IV. Scenario plan for deployment in the event of a crisis. This involves benchmarking the potential crisis against analogous case studies to predict the reach and impact
  5. V. Ongoing threat monitoring and risk mitigation